cou·ture [French kutyr] — n

1. The business of high-fashion designing and selling custom made clothing (at an affordable price)

Swank Couture is an upcoming clothing line that provides hand crafted attire to the suave and chic shoppers of today's lavish fashion community. A line that strives to bring the
latest trends of "haute couture" and mold them into
the daily influence of the lively urban streets
for everyone with an
expensive taste to indulge.

The line was single-handily launched in March 2013 by business owner, artist and designer
Breanna Lee. Swank Couture is manufactured and located in small town Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Each piece other than any prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) designs are carefully hand crafted to originate
customized, high quality garments. Every idea, unless stated otherwise,
is a direct form of expression from the artist and designer Breanna and are thus protected by copyright laws.
Clothing inspired by a small dose of New York, London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo fashions are available at your dispense.